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PetPath Recovery App

The PetPath app puts the resources you need to care for your pet into the palm of your hand. It gives you access to the most trusted information and recovery paths available for the best outcome. When it comes to helping your pet after they’ve had surgery, PetPath can give you peace of mind and ensure a smooth recovery for your best friend.

PetPath provides health and post-op recovery paths for you and your pet to follow each day. It also offers helpful tips, tricks, a library of information endorsed by veterinary experts, and checklists and recommendations for your pet.

Download PetPath

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How to Start

  • Click the Apple App Store or Google Play Store buttons above to download the PetPath app to your mobile device.
  • Create an account and select your preferred Path.
  • Select Cutting Edge Surgical as your provider, then select your pet's procedure.
  • Next, set a reminder for yourself so you can stay on top of your pet’s care.
  • Finally, browse through your Daily Tasks to see what you need to complete for the day. This could be checking your pet’s incision, giving them medication, or taking your pet for a short walk.