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Synovetin OA: Long-Lasting Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs in Miami, FL

Dr. Mario Cabrera is currently the only veterinarian licensed in the state of Florida to provide Synovetin OA to treat osteoarthritis pain in dogs. A single treatment can provide up to a full year of relief for dogs suffering from elbow arthritis pain. The medication is dosed directly into the affected elbow joint, where it targets the source of the inflammation that causes pain and lameness.

The benefits of Synovetin OA:

  • It’s easy to give, requiring just one outpatient treatment per year.
  • It’s long-lasting, providing up to a year of pain relief.
  • Synovetin OA is non-systemic (does not absorb into the body), and therefore very safe.
  • It’s convenient; no more struggles or safety concerns with daily pills or chews.
  • It’s cost-effective, especially when compared to NSAIDs, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell therapy.

How It Works

Synovetin OA is given as an outpatient procedure. Because we are a mobile practice, our team will work with your veterinarian and travel to your hospital to perform the treatment. Mild sedation or anesthesia is required to ensure the pet’s comfort, as Synovetin OA is injected directly into the joint.

Depending on the severity of your dog’s arthritis, you might see results immediately post-treatment, or over the course of several weeks or a couple months. Improvement should be apparent over time, as the injection works to reduce the inflammation within the joint.

Synovetin Oa Treatment In Miami Fl

Does Synovetin OA have Any Side Effects?

Because Synovetin OA only works locally, you won’t have to worry about the treatment causing side effects in the way that oral medications can. However, some patients have been reported to experience pain in the treated joint for approximately 72 hours post-injection, so keep an eye on your pet and contact your veterinarian if their discomfort seems to persist beyond three days.